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Single Track Hoist Machine 500

The Desco single bucket track hoist machine is made from robust steel material. An efficient method for hoisting concrete mix and building stones for multi storey buildings under construction. A vertically upright hoist machine with self-tipping mechanism for concrete into wheelbarrows. The machine is generally operated from ground level.

To increase working height additional frames are fixed to reach any suitable working height. The control unit at the ground level provides the bucket to take material to the height and back down for reloading. This machine has a fast speed mechanism for hoisting material.

Type Single Bucket Truck Type Hoist machine

Overall Size L 5590 x W 1220 x H 15.5 Metres

Working Height 50FT / 15.5 Metres

Bucket Capacity 500 Litres

Bucket Size L 920 x W 700 x H 600

Gross Weight 1.5 tons

Drive 10 H.P. Electric Motor / 10 H.P. Diesel Engine

Note: We can alter the size shape of machine without any notice.

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