Lay Type Block Making Machine 4/6

Lay Type Block Making Machine 4/6

Desco Lay Type block machines are designed so they can be teamed with feeding the concrete mix to the block machine handling the block from the machine to the stock piling yard, gives a smooth totally integrated operation that saves you the time and money for the best output from the block machines.

Simple design with a few moving parts, vibration and easily maintained, semi-automatic with either electrical (single phase, three phase connections) diesel or petrol driven. The engine operated block machines is fitted with a special clutch unit.

This machine is particularly suitable for mass production of blocks on permanent site. The blocks manufactured are laid on the floor after vibration and the machine is move forward. A suitable concrete floor with a large area of working and drying is required. This machine is easily moved forward and around the working area.

A wide range of easily interchangeable moulds, attachments are available in solid and hollow moulds, British standards/ metric sizes. Other block moulds to suit customer’s specification can be manufactured.

Block sizes Block/ Drops Output/ 8hrs.

9”x9”x18”/190x190x390mm 4/6 – 500 2000/3000

6”x9”x18”/ 140x190x390mm 6/8 – 500 3000/4000

4”x9”x18”/ 90x190x390mm 8/10- 500 4000/5000


  • Total Weight : 1 ton /1.5 tons Hollow moulds
  • Total Height : 12000 /1200 mm Extra charges
  • Length : 1680mm /1850mm Engine operation
  • Width : 19500mm /2250mm Clutch unit extra charges.

Note: We can alter the size shape of machine without any notice.

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